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License to Alter


Leaseholders as defined under section 20 of the Party wall etc. Act 1996 (the Act) must obtain a Licence to Alter before modifying their property, depending on the proposed development works. The most common requirement is for a loft conversion.  

The licence allows freeholders to protect themselves against potential losses, damage to the fabric of the property and ensures the works will not adversely affect other leaseholder or residents in the building.

In most cases, freeholders should consent to the proposed alterations provided the leaseholder agrees to reasonable terms. There is then no need to execute the Act.

Obtaining a Licence to Alter can often be a drawn-out and complicated process, but you can trust our Certified surveyors to make it as straightforward as possible.

Examples of development works that require a Licence to Alter are:


  • Structural alterations, removing load bearing wall or inserting Steel beams to support.
  • Sanitary facility installations and modifications.
  • New heating installations.
  • Wall removals and modifications.
  • Window replacements especially relevant if in a conservation area.
  • New opening formations.
  • Loft Conversions.
  • Basement excavations.
  • Extensions.


How our certified surveyors can help landlords


We can review the lease terms and covenants relating to the Licence to Alter as well as act as the mediator between you and your tenants.

We can also conduct a survey your building before development work commences and ensure alterations are completed in accordance to the Licence to Alter terms and conditions.

The benefits of our services to landlords and freeholders


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your freeholder’s proposed works.
  • Protect your assets, building and other leaseholders.
  • Ensure the leaseholder sticks to the agreement.
  • Minimise the risk of errors and delays.


Why Select our Certified surveyors?


  • Our professionals will minimise the risk of delays or errors in the development.
  • Understand and confirm the scope of the development works.
  • Simplify the entire process and lead with proposals.
  • Deal with any dispute or objections for the freeholder of other Adjoining Owners.
  • Raise and deal with any Party wall matters.


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